Best 60 Minute QSO Rates

2008 - 2020

Note: Based on public logs. Counts are before log checking and may include duplicate or invalid QSOs. Click on the View log link to view the log segment for that hour.

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Single Operator

High Power

230P49X   (W0YK)2014View log
224P49X   (W0YK)2016View log
208EF8M   (UA5C)2012View log
206P49X   (W0YK)2010View log
202P49X   (W0YK)2015View log
194K4GMH   2013View log
191P49X   (W0YK)2019View log
190K5ZD   2017View log
189P3X   (UT5UDX)2018View log
189K4GMH   2012View log
188RG9A   2016View log
179ZF1A   (W9KKN)2020View log
178K5ZD/1   2013View log
177W7RN   (WK6I)2012View log
176K5ZD/1   2012View log
174LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2014View log
171EF1A   (EA1X)2020View log
171W7RN   (WK6I)2013View log
171CR2X   (ZS4TX)2012View log
171*VA2UP   2012View log

Low Power

171VA2UP   2012View log
165P49X   (W0YK)2018View log
151VA2UP   2011View log
136RT9S   2019View log
130AA5AU   2011View log
128MJ5Z   (JK3GAD)2015View log
128RG9A   2010View log
123VA2UP   2016View log
121H2E   2010View log
120CR6K   (CT1ILT)2020View log
117P40P   (W5AJ)2020View log
1177Z1SJ   2013View log
1167Z1SJ   2015View log
116EA8PT   2014View log
115EA8PT   2016View log
115HI3TEJ   2011View log
115HI3TEJ   2009View log
114EA8AJO   2013View log
1144Z8BB   2009View log
113EA8W   2020View log


87CT1BXT   2015View log
85YW2LV   (YV5YMA)2013View log
82RU4SS   2016View log
78HD2A   (HC2AQ)2012View log
75TG9ANF   2016View log
75HZ1BW   2013View log
70HK3W   2020View log
70EC7KW   2016View log
70EA9CD   2012View log
68EA3FF   2014View log
65E77EA   2018View log
65IW9GTD   2017View log
64IZ7FLP   2019View log
63IZ8JFL   2019View log
63N2QT/4   2014View log
62YO8WW   2012View log
61BD9XE   2014View log
594Z4DX   2015View log
59CO2IZ   2013View log
58MM3AWD   2019View log


Multi-Single High Power

169ES9C   (ES4BG ES4RD ES5JR ES5QA ES...)2015View log
149EM2Q   (UW2QU UR4QX N8OO UT2II UT2...)2019View log
149EF8M   (RD3A UA5C EA8CAC EA8AH)2011View log
147IQ4FC   (HB9CAT I4EWH I4IFL IK3QAR ...)2018View log
147ES9C   (OH2BP YL3DW YL2KF YL1ZF ES...)2012View log
143IQ6AN   (IK6VXO IK6JNH IZ1YPF IZ6TS...)2020View log
143LZ5R   (K1LZ LZ1JZ LZ1UK LZ2DF LZ5...)2019View log
143IQ6AN   (IZ6TSA IK6VXO IK6JNH IZ1YP...)2018View log
142UZ2M   (RA4LW UX3MZ UX3MR UR5MID U...)2013View log
141EI7M   (EI3JE EI3JZ EI3KD EI2FG EI...)2015View log
140W1UE   (K1LZ W1UE K3JO W1UJ N2WQ K...)2012View log
138I4DZ   (I4DZ I4EWH I4IFL IK3QAR IK...)2016View log
138W2FU   (K0SM N2ZN NW2K W2FU W6TR W...)2013View log
137UZ2M   (RA4LW R7LV UX2IO UR5MID UX...)2012View log
137UZ2M   (RA4LW RW4LE UX3MZ UX3MR UR...)2011View log
136CN3A   (IK2QEI IK3STG IW3IFJ IZ4GW...)2011View log
135ES9C   (YL2KF ES5RY ES5TV ES2DW...)2010View log
134W1UE   (W1UE K3JO SP4Z @K1LZ)2014View log
131CN3A   (IK2QEI IK1HXN IK1SPR IK1RQ...)2008View log
130EI7M   (G0URR EI3JE EI7IG EI8JA EI...)2017View log

Multi-Single Low Power

121K3LR   (WW3S ND8L K3GP NO3M K8IV N...)2016View log
120PJ6A   (NM1Y K5AC WB0TEV)2015View log
117EE9K   (EA9IB EA9CF)2009View log
114K3LR   (K3LR K3LA K8CX N8NB ND8L K...)2017View log
114ES9C   (ES2DW ES5GP YL3AD YL3AJA E...)2014View log
111VP9I   (WW3S K3GP ND8L)2014View log
111VP9I   (ND8L WW3S)2011View log
109VP9I   (ND8L WW3S)2012View log
107VP9I   (ND8L K3GP WW3S K8UT)2015View log
107P40G   (N4CW W4TMO)2012View log
106KP2D   (AI8P K8ZT KP2E NP2DZ NP2Q)2010View log
104YV1KK   (YV1KK YY1YLY)2015View log
103EA8DED   (SM7BHM YL7A EA8TL OH9GIT E...)2016View log
103YU2A   (YT2T YU2A YU8NU)2010View log
102P40HF   (W6HGF W4TMO)2014View log
101DX2R   (4F1PH 4F2KWT DW1ZCO DU3JA ...)2016View log
99RY0A   (RY0A RA0AY)2015View log
973V8BCC   (3V8CB DJ4MZ DK7MCX DL2MLU ...)2014View log
97KP2D   (AI8P NP2DJ NP2JZ KP2E NP2Q)2009View log
96ES9C   (ES5JR ES8GP ES5RY ES3TI ES...)2020View log

Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter

251EF8M   (RD3AF RZ3AZ EA8CAC OH1RY)2010View log
227P49X   (W0YK N4RR K6AW W6OTC)2011View log
223P49X   (W6OTC W0YK)2012View log
220K9CT   (N4RR AI9T K9NR K9WX K9CT N...)2017View log
216P49X   (W0YK W6OTC)2013View log
208CR3DX   (CT3BD CT3DZ CT3EN CT3KY CT...)2018View log
208EF8U   (EA8ZS EA8AGF EA8BQM EA8ACW...)2014View log
207ED1R   (EA1AR EC1KR EA2CJ EA2CYJ E...)2013View log
207P49X   (K6AW W0YK W6OTC)2009View log
206W1UE   (W1UE W1UJ K3JO K5ZD)2013View log
204ED1R   (EA1P EA1TL EC1KR EA4AOC)2020View log
204HC8/K6AW   (K6AW W6OTC)2010View log
201ES9C   (YL2KF YL1ZF YL3DW ES5RY ES...)2011View log
198IQ9UI   (IT9EQO IK1HJS IU1GNA IZ8JF...)2020View log
191HG1S   (HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1DAC HA6NF ...)2014View log
1874O10A   (S52X S53X S50XX S57BM 9A5L...)2016View log
184CR3A   (CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT...)2010View log
183K9CT   (N4RR AI9T K9NR K9WX N9CK K...)2016View log
182K0IR   (K0IR K0JJR K0PC W0AW W0DC ...)2012View log
180CR3A   (CT3BD CT3DL CT3EN CT3IA CT...)2017View log

Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter

331ES9C   (ES2ADF ES2ADO ES2MA ES2MC ...)2013View log
2719A1A   (9A2DQ 9A5DDT 9A5E 9A5W 9A6...)2013View log
2719A1A   (9A2DQ 9A4CD 9A5DDT 9A5E 9A...)2012View log
266HK1NA   (HK1R HK1T HK1N LU8EOT HK6N...)2013View log
256CR3L   (DJ6QT DL1YFF DK1MM DK1QH D...)2012View log
256HK1NA   (HK1R HK1N HK1T HK3TU HK1AA)2011View log
2559A1A   (9A9A 9A5W 9A6A 9A2DQ 9A7R ...)2014View log
2499A1A   (9A2DQ 9A5W 9A5DDT 9A6A 9A7...)2015View log
247IQ9UI   (IT9AUG IT9AUH IT9HBT IW9GT...)2013View log
246EA8AH   (RD3AF RZ3AZ OH1RY OH1MA EA...)2008View log
245IQ9UI   (IT9EQO IT9AUG IT9CJC IT9CH...)2014View log
241K1SFA   (K1MK K1SFA K1TTT KB1SUA N1...)2011View log
234NR4M   (NR4M K4MIL K7SV K4GM KT0P ...)2013View log
232NR5M   (NR5M KU5B KJ5T N1XS AC5T A...)2014View log
231CR3L   (DG7JB DJ2YA DJ6QT DJ7JC DK...)2015View log
231N0NI   (N0NI N0AC N0XR K2DSW N0HR ...)2013View log
229RW0A   (RA0ALM RU0A RU0AM RW0AR RV...)2012View log
226RW0A   (RA0AM RU0AM RW0AR RV0AR RZ...)2013View log
225EC2DX   (EA1SA EA2RY EA2ABI EA2WT E...)2014View log
224K1SFA   (AK2D AK2X K1MK K1SFA K1TTT...)2012View log

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(*) Indicates low power entry in higher power category.

In 2021 the rate calculation was changed to no longer include duplicate QSOs.


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