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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, and total score. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.

CQ WW RTTY Contest Score Records for World

(1987 - 2015)
Category Call Year Score QSOs States Zones DXCC

Multi-Single High EF8M 201112,197,5004,955260143447
Multi-Single Low PJ6A 20154,956,5203,15323498297
Multi-Two EF8M 201016,850,6256,896221145451
Multi-Multi ES9C 201316,321,9067,981229145465

Single Operator - High Power
High ALL EF8M (UA5C)201213,784,0356,368258132365
High 10M AY2H (LU7HN)2013852,6091,658572892
High 15M EA8MT 20151,156,6102,148553097
High 20M F8DBF 20091,168,2302,1255838114
High 40M SO4M (SP4K)2010669,9631,5574933101
High 80M S54E 2008323,4571,045402275

Single Operator - Low Power
Low ALL P40MM (K3MM)20015,577,7682,873241108302
Low 10M CW4MAX (CX2DK)2015652,7121,340522787
Low 15M HK3TU 2015753,6601,463533196
Low 20M 5C5W (CN8KD)2014697,4101,481562680
Low 40M E79D 2010329,628914422787
Low 80M CT3KY 2009119,171387351454

Single Operator - QRP
QRP ALL YW2LV (YV5YMA)20132,399,3201,92717166203
QRP 10M I0UZF 2012178,152476453279
QRP 15M JH7RTQ 2012127,821340362972
QRP 20M SB0A (SM0LPO)2015146,944533252677
QRP 40M 4O/HG3IPA (HA3JB)201374,05256171150
QRP 80M HA1WD 201225,0042840641

Single Operator Assisted - High
High ALL 5B/UT0U (UT5UDX)20107,798,7004,149158129363
High 10M KG6DX 2011732,8281,455513290
High 15M EA9LZ 2014987,5321,884563294
High 20M F4DXW 20131,118,6852,1925835112
High 40M IQ1RY (IZ1LBG)2015662,2161,5485133100
High 80M GI6K 2010210,600777371865

Single Operator Assisted - Low
Low ALL VA2UP 20125,063,8323,091208109319
Low 10M EA8MT 2014811,2421,512552898
Low 15M J35X 2014424,5961,010553079
Low 20M 5C5W (CN8KD)2015809,0721,594532994
Low 40M S56A 2015287,858824412894
Low 80M EA8MT 201393,670346311450

Single Operator Assisted - QRP
QRP ALL N2QT/4 2014819,69081312582238
QRP 10M YO9BXC 201217,16811141836
QRP 15M IK5RUN 2014156,999366523293
QRP 20M EA3KX 2015149,184445402781
QRP 40M DJ2RG 201361,698386161560
QRP 80M ON3DI 201536,4563345744

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