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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
61301YB2UFMYB2019SO LOW 40M2341745 2.5 
61302DM3VLDL2018SA HIGH ALL23466610.6 
61303KB7AKW72018SO LOW 20M (R)2342032134.4 
61304OR7SON2015SO LOW 20M (R)23475531.6 
61305DH6KMDL2020SA LOW ALL2311861051.6 
61306JF1OVAJA12019SO LOW 10M2311056 1.2 
61307UA4PAYUA-42013SO LOW 15M2311134 0.9 
61308ZS1JYZS2009SO LOW 20M231747 0.4 
61309JE2SOYJA22007SO HIGH 10M2311056   
61310KA4OTBW42007SO HIGH 20M231838   
61311YC0RFSYB2023SA HIGH 20M230946 2.8 
61312OH5LAQOH2022SO QRP 15M2301137 0.2OH5CW
61313M0NQNG2021SA LOW 20M23083251.3 
61314JM1OFJJA12023SO LOW ALL (C)22875610.9 
61315YC2TTGYB2022SO LOW ALL228866 0.8 
61316IW2ENAI2021SO LOW 20M2281248 1.7 
61317JA8TGDJA82019SO HIGH ALL228766 0.9 
61318UU4JCUR2009SO LOW ALL22874620.1 
61319N0MLBW01992SO HIGH 10M228757   
61320YC2LCZYB2020SO LOW ALL2251178 3.3 
61321YG0GITYB2020SA LOW 40M2254123 6.3 
61322HB3YGDHB2019SO LOW 15M2251336 1.2 
61323JH3IQLJA32018SO LOW ALL22596812.9 
61324YC7YCOYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)2242834 3.4  
61325YB5BOYYB2018SA QRP ALL2241044 0.8  
61326K0KEVW02017SO LOW ALL224134370.4 
61327N7YIQW72016SO LOW 20M224124372.2 
61328N3HCNW32014SO LOW 10M22495650.7 
61329YB9BHJYB2021SA LOW ALL2221733 1.3 
61330YC2VOCYB2020SO QRP 15M2221433 0.4 
61331AD9BTW92023SO LOW 10M221867 1.1 
61332OE5FDMOE2023SO LOW ALL22166520.1 
61333DM3VLDL2021SA HIGH ALL22165620.8 
61334K7YICW72020SO LOW ALL2211243102.0 
61335W8EHW82019SA LOW 40M2211433110.9 
61336G0UWSG2015SA LOW 20M22193553.3 
61337EW1NAEU2006SO LOW ALL221989   
61338JQ1COBJA12023SO LOW ALL220756 0.5 
61339I5/HB9FHV/PI2021SO QRP ALL (C)22017814 6.0I5/HB9FHV/P
61340IC8POFI2020SA HIGH 20M22073440.9 
61341DF0RWDL2019SA HIGH 20M220947 0.4 
61342BA4SDBY2018SA LOW ALL220856 0.6 
61343KD6HOFW62018SO LOW 20M (R)220157582.0 
61344JA4BEVJA42016SO LOW ALL220847 0.8 
61345LZ1MCLZ2011SA LOW 20M220947 0.4 
61346YB0ECTYB2007SO HIGH 20M220846   
61347JE2SOYJA22006SO HIGH 10M220955   
61348YT8AYT2020SO HIGH 10M (C)2171925 1.0YU1EA
61349IK0PHYI2023SO LOW ALL216666 1.5 
61350N5YJZW62023SO LOW ALL216106390.7 
61351FH/OK1MFH2022SA LOW 20M2161227 0.8 
61352JK1BABJA12021SA HIGH 20M (R)216948 1.0 
61353YC3FPIYB2020SO LOW ALL (R)216254412.7 
61354BG8PMBY2019SO LOW 40M216766 1.4 
61355JE2CPIJA22017SA LOW 10M216845 4.0 
61356YC8OBMYB2017SA LOW 15M2161844 3.2 
61357JO3EVMJA32012SO LOW 40M21682340.2 
61358JG8IBYJA92010SO LOW 40M2161845 0.7 
61359SP9DVZSP1990SO HIGH 20M2169471  
61360JL2XUNJA21988SO HIGH 15M216836   
613619V1HY9V2023SO LOW ALL (C)2101034 0.9 
61362SP3BBSSP2022SO LOW ALL210878 0.6 
61363N2FFW22021SO LOW 20M2101041010.7 
61364SP6NINSP2021SA HIGH ALL21075272.1 
61365KI4MZCW42020SA QRP ALL21084550.9 
61366VE7WXTVE72020SO LOW ALL21094290.4 
61367W1IGW12020SO QRP ALL210105542.1 
61368SP3BESSP2018SO QRP 20M2101559 2.1 
61369YG3FBVYB2018SO LOW 40M210283315.8 
61370N6EEW12017SO HIGH 80M210104380.5 
61371KD4JMVW42015SO LOW 10M210946 1.2 
61372YD1ELMYB2015SO LOW 15M210746 0.6 
61373W4JHC/5W52013SA QRP ALL21086711.6 
61374YG9RHQYB2012SO LOW 15M210746  
61375YG9RHTYB2012SO LOW 15M210114420.5 
61376PY4AZPY2021SA HIGH 40M209116670.9 
61377PY1FOXPY2020SO LOW 20M209947 0.7 
61378DL1OJDL2010SA HIGH 40M209938 0.3 
61379JJ2DWLJA22010SO LOW ALL209114610.6 
61380G1WG2023SO HIGH 20M (C)20875620.8EA1DDO
61381KJ0PW02023SO LOW ALL20876641.6 
61382N0STPW02021SO LOW 40M208124361.3 
61383UI4FUA-42020SA QRP ALL2081049 1.8 
61384N4NQYW42018SO QRP ALL (C)20896551.0 
61385PU4HUDPY2010SO LOW ALL2081344 0.2 
61386T91EZCE71996MS LOW208      
61387KN6OONW62022SO LOW ALL2071755133.7 
61388YO4BEWYO2021SO QRP 15M207102431.6 
61389YB4VXYB2019SO LOW 20M2071145 1.8 
61390ZY2RPY2019SA LOW 15M (R)2071745 2.7PY2SFA
61391LA6PBALA2018SO LOW ALL2071136 0.9 
61392PY1KNGPY2023SO LOW 15M204857 1.8 
61393YC3SWRYB2023SO HIGH 15M (C)204948 1.1 
61394R9CMUA92015SA LOW ALL204666 0.3  
61395EA7KSEA2009SO LOW ALL204666 0.1 
61396KO9G/7W72009SO LOW ALL204106470.2 
61397KE0ORW02019SA LOW ALL200127581.9 
61398JH1BCSJA12017SO LOW 40M20083341.0 
61399DF3CSHDL2005SO LOW 20M2009     
61400DS5VTGHL2021SO LOW 20M198104410.8 
64745 results found
  Page 614 of 648  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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