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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
61101HP1COOHP2014SO LOW 20M32387821.4 
61102N6HI/7W72010SO LOW 15M32398720.1 
61103KB8MW82008SO LOW 20M32397730.2 
61104YC9WICYB2012SO LOW 15M322106620.2 
61105Z35XZ32009SA HIGH 20M322104640.2Z33T
61106YC5OUBYB2006SO HIGH 15M322968   
61107SP2BBDSP2004SO HIGH ALL3221159   
61108KR7XW72020SO LOW ALL320155380.4 
61109RC7LI/3UA-32018SO LOW ALL320888 0.9  
61110F4GOUF2015SO QRP ALL320106731.7 
61111F5PJGF2011SO LOW ALL32011610 0.8 
61112JA0BJYJA02021SO LOW 20M3191047 0.9 
61113AA9RKW92022SA LOW ALL3151453131.3 
61114N6RHW52020SO LOW ALL3155697294.4 
61115RA3THNUA-32017SA HIGH ALL31596721.7 
61116YG3CNUYB2016SO LOW 40M (R)315135644.9 
61117JA2HBKJA22014SA LOW 10M31586540.3 
61118JA5INF/1JA12014SA LOW ALL31585641.0 
61119PC5FPA2013SO LOW ALL31596451.5 
61120KI7AOW71996SO HIGH 20M315      
61121JA4MESJA41993SO LOW ALL315      
61122BH8PHGBY2022SO QRP 20M3121466 0.7 
61123JF1OVAJA12020SA LOW 10M3121057 1.6 
61124KE8LUEW82019SO LOW ALL (R)3122443173.3 
61125YD1IXNYB2017SA LOW 15M3121067 1.7 
61126AB5XMW52016SO LOW ALL3121585114.0 
61127JF2IWLJA22014SA QRP 80M312502319.7 
61128DO1DXXDL2011SO LOW 15M312867 0.3 
61129HL5YIHL2008SO LOW 20M31294440.2 
61130VR20XMTVR2017SA HIGH 40M3101355 0.3VR2XMT
61131PA5MFPA2023SO HIGH 20M3081429 0.9 
61132W6OATW72022SO HIGH 15M308105541.1 
61133YB1DBUYB2021SO LOW 40M308433318.2  
61134YG3FZRYB2019SA LOW 40M (R)308215513.3 
61135ZP5DNBZP2019SO LOW ALL3081791125.7 
61136KK7CGW72010SO HIGH ALL3081265110.8 
61137JF2FIUJA22008SO LOW ALL308959 0.2 
61138SA1ASM2006SA HIGH ALL3081068   
61139N1GDDW12021SO QRP 20M306185394.2 
61140W6REKW62020SO HIGH ALL306135571.5 
61141W3DKTW32016SO LOW ALL30687731.3 
61142DJ6YXDL2014SA HIGH ALL3067773 
61143RA2FWUA22003SO LOW ALL30610992  
61144W3ZFW31998SO LOW ALL30610     
61145XQ3SKCE2021SO LOW 40M (C)304106551.9 
61146JL1JJDJA12020SO LOW ALL30487810.7 
61147KM4PTIW42017SO LOW ALL (R)304135592.9 
61148W3GQ/4W42011SA HIGH ALL3041071020.5 
61149WB6BIG/1W12001SO LOW ALL30411658  
61150KC3STW31987SO HIGH 80M304153313  
61151GM6DXGM2023SO LOW 40M3001528 0.6 
61152YB1GRZYB2022SA LOW ALL3002678 7.3 
61153YO8TNDYO2019SA QRP 20M3001448 1.6 
611549W6AJA9M62017SO LOW 40M300957 1.9 
61155RV3FTUA-32016SO HIGH ALL300978 1.2 
61156DS5VTGHL2015SO LOW 15M300878 0.5 
61157CE3PCGCE2013SO LOW 10M300106630.2CE3TKV
61158LY2CVLY2007SO LOW ALL3001166   
61159K4RVW42004SO HIGH 15M3001055   
61160KC7WUEW72001SO LOW ALL300125411  
61161DU1TVDU1987SO HIGH 20M300966   
61162SP2UU/1SP1987SO HIGH 20M3009591  
61163JA7FYUJA72011SA HIGH ALL299958 0.3 
61164N3XRU/7W72009SO LOW 20M2991167 1.3 
61165HK6FHK2022SO LOW 80M294113290.6 
61166IK3TPPI2021SO LOW 10M2941259 2.1 
61167Z36WZ32020SA LOW 20M29411410 0.3 
61168YE3AAYB2019SA HIGH ALL294216712.3 
61169WA3FRPW32018SA HIGH ALL294777 0.9 
61170SP5APWSP2011SO LOW ALL29494460.4 
61171UA3RABUA-32009SO LOW 15M29486710.2 
61172RA6XBUA-62003SO LOW ALL294877   
61173VK4FJVK2018SO LOW 15M2901355 1.7 
61174PY2XJPY2023SA HIGH 10M289126831.1  
61175F6KPQF2022SA LOW 15M2891261011.4  
61176W8EHW82021SO QRP 40M289144491.7 
61177KO4OLW42019SO LOW 20M289145486.3  
61178DL9TUDL2023SO LOW ALL28818513 1.3 
61179DQ4XDL2018MS LOW288116910.8DM4EAX DL4EAX
61180EA2OKEA2016SA LOW ALL288979 0.7  
61181JA8AZNJA82016SA HIGH 40M288857 1.7 
61182JR9GMSJA92016SA HIGH ALL28883450.2 
61183YO3GWYO2010SO LOW 40M2881239 0.4 
61184SM5QUSM2005SO LOW 20M28811     
61185K7NOJW72023SO LOW ALL2861664122.9 
61186DM6JKCDL2022SO LOW ALL2861149 1.1 
61187YB2ERLYB2020SA QRP 20M286867 1.2 
61188BI4VIPBY2017SA LOW 40M (R)2861556 2.5 
611899A2DI9A2007SO HIGH 10M2861067   
61190DO3JMDL2018SO LOW ALL28519312 6.7 
61191WB0MW02009SO LOW ALL28597660.7 
61192N4WHKW42021SA LOW ALL2802468147.0 
61193SV2CLJSV2020SO LOW 10M2801546 1.7 
61194UC0AUA02020SA HIGH ALL2801844 1.2 
61195GI5IGI2019SA HIGH ALL280105720.4GI4DOH
61196RA3VRUA-32008SO LOW 40M280959 0.4 
61197WA4CYPW42007SO LOW ALL2809662  
61198K7ULSW72010SO LOW 10M279114410.2 
61199NH6NKH62023SA LOW 10M276125340.8 
61200DL1RPRDL2022SO LOW ALL276957 1.0 
64745 results found
  Page 612 of 648  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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