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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
58101VO1NMVEO2009SO LOW 20M2,2504458121.6 
58102EA1AWEA1987SO HIGH ALL2,250251119   
58103EA1YWEA1987SO HIGH 15M2,2482612148  
58104TF3IRATF2021SO HIGH 20M2,2443271981.4TF3DC
58105PU8TASPY2016SA LOW ALL (R)2,24427111673.0  
58106DL1LZDL2023SA LOW ALL2,24225121791.9 
58107KK0DW02023SO LOW ALL2,242371816255.2 
58108LC7DLA2023SO LOW ALL2,24232112614.2LA6PBA
58109YO4RSTYO2010SO LOW ALL2,24223132051.5 
58110NW0FW01990SO HIGH 15M2,24234121412  
58111JH5FTYJA52015SO LOW 20M2,24131918 1.4 
58112OQ5MON2021SA HIGH 40M2,2403482131.2ON5ZO
58113YD9MBMYB2021SO LOW ALL2,24050131415.3 
58114K1ROW12020SO HIGH 20M (C)2,24050610160.7 
58115PA8ZBPA2016SO LOW ALL2,24030122212.9 
58116JA7KQCJA72011SO LOW 20M2,24026132111.4 
58117IW1EQAI2007SO LOW ALL2,240311322   
58118WU6XW62022SO LOW ALL2,23649118243.2 
58119UA4CCUA-42019SO HIGH 80M2,23646620 1.7 
58120UT8IVUR2020SA LOW 80M2,23368425 6.7 
58121R5FIUA-32019SO HIGH 40M2,23347722 2.4 
58122HB9OABHB2019SA LOW 20M2,23244717 2.5 
58123RA9MLRUA92019SO LOW ALL2,232281120 3.3 
58124ON6NGON2018SA LOW ALL2,2322991982.6 
58125W0RICW72017MS HIGH2,232477891.3W0RIC W4IX
58126YC2NDXYB2015SO LOW 40M (C)2,23238121367.4 
58127JE8KKXJA82014SO LOW ALL (C)2,23223141482.5 
58128JK6JABJA62013SO LOW ALL2,23223142113.5 
58129F5DRDF2012SA LOW 10M2,2322887161.2 
58130JE3EVIJA32010SO LOW 15M2,23229121631.1 
58131ON6NLON1996SO HIGH 40M2,232      
58132JT1PBJT2021SO LOW 20M2,22662813 13.5 
58133K0TNTW02017SO LOW ALL2,226391011211.8 
58134N7JBW72005SA HIGH ALL2,22624     
58135W9CDW91988SO HIGH ALL2,2262317196  
58136YD9SOQYB2014SO LOW 15M (R)2,224557812.4 
58137SP1RKRSP2010SO LOW 10M2,22240814 1.3 
58138GM0HVSGM2015SO QRP 20M2,22046621310.7 
58139LA3SPALA2013SO LOW ALL2,220321126 3.3 
58140EA3CZMEA1995SO LOW ALL2,220271522   
58141RL4AUA-42017SO LOW ALL2,21440819 1.2 
58142UN4PGUN2010SA HIGH 10M2,21230919 0.9 
58143CT1BKKCT1987SO HIGH 20M2,212267147  
58144PU3VRWPY2022SO QRP ALL2,21136131555.5 
58145RG8UUA92018SA LOW ALL2,211291419 1.9 
58146YB3ATKYB2023SO LOW ALL (C)2,21048121317.0 
58147DV6XDSDU2021SO LOW ALL (R)2,210571214 9.5 
58148JK3NSDJA32015SA HIGH 10M2,21032818 9.7 
58149KH6OAKH62012SO HIGH ALL2,209321716142.1 
58150HA2ESMHA2011SO LOW ALL2,2082955221.5 
58151HL9AHL2009SO HIGH ALL2,208271418 0.9 
58152PY3FOXPY2009SO LOW ALL2,20825121911.3 
58153PV8IGPY2003SO HIGH 40M2,208261121   
58154Y27TN/ADL1991SO HIGH 20M2,2082910193  
58155K8TRW62020SA LOW ALL2,20538128252.5 
58156OH5BMOH2018SA HIGH ALL2,20531182342.3 
58157DG4ACFDL2014SO LOW ALL2,205291520106.6 
58158VA7DXCVE72010SO LOW ALL2,205281111131.2 
58159K3CCW32011SO LOW ALL2,20427131961.5 
58160IN3FHEI2010SA HIGH ALL2,20421151580.9 
58161LZ2JALZ2000SO HIGH 10M2,2042711135  
58162EA1BLFEA1995SO LOW ALL2,204271127   
58163KA3DSXW31988MS HIGH2,2042515149  
58164N5WEW52022SO LOW 10M2,20136121181.4 
58165RW4CLFUA-42018SO LOW ALL2,20137922 1.8RW4CLF @UA4CPH 
58166SP4AVGSP2017SO LOW ALL2,2013081762.9 
58167JH2JNUJA22019SO LOW 15M2,20032916 3.6 
58168VE3AJVE32007SO LOW ALL2,2002514179  
58169W0PSSW02004SO LOW ALL2,20033141218  
58170W1UDBW11989SO HIGH ALL2,20028151613  
58171JP1LRTJA12011SO LOW ALL2,19622121591.0 
58172KN3AW32007SO LOW ALL2,1962891710  
58173N0RUTW02003SO HIGH 20M2,19633121212  
58174Y32ZADM1989SO HIGH ALL2,1962612177  
58175W5WZW52000SO LOW ALL2,19329121219  
58176K5NDW52019SO LOW 15M2,19031121441.9 
58177SP3MYSSP1990SO HIGH 20M2,190309192  
58178DO1TOMDL2019SO LOW 80M2,18750522 3.3 
58179YC7YCPYB2022SO LOW ALL2,185568964.6 
58180RV6LCIUA-62014SA LOW ALL2,18421172052.7 
58181NV3VW32009SO LOW ALL2,184271216111.5 
58182UT5UGQUR2006SO LOW ALL2,184281425   
58183KA9WKAW92004SO LOW ALL2,1842315195  
58184YT3HMS51991SO HIGH 80M2,18442521   
58185EA2AVMEA2020SO LOW ALL2,1833582544.5 
58186VE7BGPVE72020SO LOW ALL2,18331108196.5 
58187WA5NOMW52011SO LOW ALL2,183221522 0.3 
58188EA4BNQEA1999SO LOW ALL2,1832711242  
58189JL1QDOJA12018SO LOW ALL2,17827151713.6 
58190RD3AJBUA-32009SO LOW ALL2,178301023 1.5 
58191PA5APA2010SO HIGH 15M2,17623121750.9 
58192LZ1BJLZ1989SO HIGH ALL2,1762312148  
58193OJ0JOJ02008SO HIGH 20M2,1753291551.2OH3JR
58194DH1DHDL2022SO QRP ALL (C)2,1703872312.1 
58195W3RLOW32021SO LOW 20M2,1703061872.8 
581967K4VPVJA12014SO LOW ALL2,17021109162.0 
58197UA6JFGUA-62014SO LOW ALL2,17024141924.4 
58198UX9QUR2014SA QRP 80M2,1703672312.7UR9QQ
58199LU6QILU2009SA HIGH ALL2,17021122030.9 
58200WS9M/0W02008SO LOW ALL2,17028101780.9 
64745 results found
  Page 582 of 648  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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