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1CT3KY2009SO LP 80M119,1713873514548.9 [Cert]
2G8X2016SO LP 80M84,57549417135532.3G4FJK[Cert]
3YU7YZ2008SO LP 80M79,71645514135717.4 [Cert]
4SP6IHE2008SO LP 80M76,54042021155314.3 [Cert]
5OK2ZAW2010SO LP 80M76,30245710135815.8 [Cert]
6HA1WD2011SO LP 80M71,355552795118.8 [Cert]
7S53NW2009SO LP 80M66,087521594918.9 [Cert]
8SQ2RGB2014SO LP 80M63,5165027105028.6 [Cert]
9UT5EPP2008SO LP 80M63,1354626105318.5 [Cert]
10YU2A2009SO LP 80M61,4464557114814.7 [Cert]
11SQ2RGB2012SO LP 80M60,0165093104920.3 [Cert]
12SP6EIY2010SO LP 80M59,43238913125112.6 [Cert]
13VE2SB2012SO LP 80M59,34036252112916.5 [Cert]
144L9QQ2010SO LP 80M58,520355194611.6 [Cert]
15HA3MY2016SO LP 80M56,6824426115021.1 [Cert]
16G8X2015SO LP 80M56,35639912134821.6G4FJK[Cert]
17HA1WD2013SO LP 80M56,181474684721.1 [Cert]
18SP4GL2014SO LP 80M54,8764344105420.9 [Cert]
19OK2HBR2016SO LP 80M53,572490294828.9 [Cert]
20IV3YIM2009SO LP 80M52,948429794613.8 [Cert]
21IK0XBX2009SO LP 80M52,895372812519.0 [Cert]
22SP9KDA2012SO LP 80M52,8874654104712.2SP6-8522[Cert]
23IZ5NRF2014SO LP 80M52,8634383105423.3 [Cert]
24UR5WCQ2005SO LP 80M52,682364     
25S54A2014SO LP 80M51,2643638115312.3 [Cert]
26OK2SAR2014SO LP 80M50,901454384616.8 [Cert]
27HA1WD2014SO LP 80M50,327450185022.8 [Cert]
28OH1TN2010SO LP 80M50,282400195216.1 [Cert]
29SM7MX2016SO LP 80M48,1143792105423.7SM5MX[Cert]
30IC8TEM2014SO LP 80M47,88830015115616.6 [Cert]
31OL7P2008SO LP 80M47,53033310114912.2OK1CRM[Cert]
32US5NGH2010SO LP 80M46,604393195116.1 [Cert]
33IC8TEM2013SO LP 80M45,22733411105019.2 [Cert]
34OK2SAR2013SO LP 80M44,605431284514.8 [Cert]
35IK3SSJ2009SO LP 80M44,080392484615.1 [Cert]
36UT4EK2010SO LP 80M42,5522945135411.4 [Cert]
37SQ2NNN2012SO LP 80M42,540400794415.4 [Cert]
38G3VMY2013SO LP 80M42,03232415114524.4 [Cert]
39UA2FL2011SO LP 80M41,3614071104010.6 [Cert]
40IK1DFH2010SO LP 80M41,2763056115111.5 [Cert]
41SQ2RGB2009SO LP 80M41,272380194613.3 [Cert]
42VE3CV2010SO LP 80M40,50025450131810.8 [Cert]
43RA3QH2008SO LP 80M39,618323694710.6 [Cert]
44OM3RWB2015SO LP 80M39,008377 74617.9OM3ZCK[Cert]
45F6FJE2005SO LP 80M38,613317     
46UT5PH2009SO LP 80M38,160335394814.5 [Cert]
47E74AA2009SO LP 80M38,090283810479.2 [Cert]
48SP6DMI2008SO LP 80M37,324307494911.0 [Cert]
49OK1VRF2009SO LP 80M37,2002984104813.8 [Cert]
50HA8BT2013SO LP 80M36,076313784315.0 [Cert]
51UT4EK2011SO LP 80M35,9703025115011.5 [Cert]
52YL3FW2013SO LP 80M35,872304594513.5 [Cert]
53HA3GO2016SO LP 80M35,724358 84418.4 [Cert]
54UT5PY2016SO LP 80M35,033354474215.2 [Cert]
55DM5GI2009SO LP 80M34,060277711477.8 [Cert]
56M0NKR2014SO LP 80M33,550337194512.8 [Cert]
57SQ8JX2010SO LP 80M32,39529828459.1 [Cert]
58IK0VVE2015SO LP 80M32,368310184715.5 [Cert]
59IK2DZN2012SO LP 80M32,208264711489.3 [Cert]
60UT5KO2009SO LP 80M32,148295284710.2 [Cert]
61OK1CRM2016SO LP 80M31,680287494714.4 [Cert]
62HA3GO2014SO LP 80M31,518318174314.2 [Cert]
63UN1L2015SO LP 80M31,515238 114412.9 [Cert]
64SP6EIY2009SO LP 80M31,248246810458.3 [Cert]
65DL1AIW2011SO LP 80M31,21227912104613.2 [Cert]
66ON3DI2013SO LP 80M30,740303474244.8 [Cert]
67OH1TN2008SO LP 80M30,56427928449.1 [Cert]
68S54A2012SO LP 80M28,954239710456.4 [Cert]
69SM7MX2015SO LP 80M28,336293384519.4SM5MX[Cert]
70UR5UBR2010SO LP 80M28,105268194512.1 [Cert]
71SP4W2015SO LP 80M26,649211611467.3 [Cert]
72OK1DWQ2016SO LP 80M26,076276374313.6 [Cert]
73F5BEG2016SO LP 80M24,986211974623.1 [Cert]
74HA3LI2016SO LP 80M24,288277 54111.8 [Cert]
754L9QQ2011SO LP 80M24,075200 7386.6 [Cert]
76RA3QH2009SO LP 80M24,072240 7447.4 [Cert]
77SP6EIY2011SO LP 80M23,896211510438.1 [Cert]
78S53F2005SO LP 80M23,485210     
79HK6P2015SO LP 80M22,8251243615327.9 [Cert]
80I4UUL2013SO LP 80M22,792213494314.3 [Cert]
81RZ6LV2012SO LP 80M22,62921949448.0 [Cert]
82UR5UBR2009SO LP 80M22,525227 84511.5 [Cert]
83UT4EK2012SO LP 80M22,36827518399.5 [Cert]
84UA1A2014SO LP 80M22,150233174210.5 [Cert]
85CO2JD2015SO LP 80M20,9041694291616.9 [Cert]
86DL5ALW2012SO LP 80M20,299207184410.0 [Cert]
87OK1DX2010SO LP 80M20,25018818453.8 [Cert]
88ES3VI2015SO LP 80M20,247204 84317.7 [Cert]
89DF4WC2010SO LP 80M19,91620719427.3 [Cert]
90SP4GL2009SO LP 80M19,91619217446.6 [Cert]
91SN9I2009SO LP 80M19,43119627428.1SP9EMI[Cert]
92UT5ZA2008SO LP 80M19,012201 8416.8 [Cert]
93OK2CLW2008SO LP 80M18,97218617434.1 [Cert]
94DD9WG2009SO LP 80M18,950204 8427.7 [Cert]
95YO4RDW2014SO LP 80M18,717210174315.1 [Cert]
96OM1AVK2005SO LP 80M18,354198     
97SP6EIY2016SO LP 80M18,350197264210.3 [Cert]
98SP9CTS2014SO LP 80M18,135238273614.1 [Cert]
99IK3SSJ2012SO LP 80M18,04821517408.3 [Cert]
100UT4ZX2008SO LP 80M17,451136311496.7 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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