2015 RTTY Results Errata

Classic Overlay Scoring Corrections

There was an error in the scoring for the Classic Overlay category. This error only applied to stations that had more than 24 hours of operation. The overlay multiplier count included QSOs beyond the end of the 24 hours. This made these scores much higher than they should have been.

The error resulted in no changes among the top 5 scores on High Power. On Low Power, V31MA moved into second place and UP6P dropped out of the Top Ten.

Single Op All Band High Power

DJ90IARU (DL2SAX)      1,594,432
S50R	               1,506,826
W3LL                   1,341,164
YL5T (YL3DQ)	       1,198,255
OH1MA                  1,171,352
EI5KF                  1,004,276
R0QA                     984,258
UA6CE                    969,756
RT3P (UA3PAB)            857,166
OK2SFP                   690,690

Single Op All Band Low Power

7Z1SJ	             1,149,480
V31MA                  953,211
OE2E (OE2GEN)          755,872
RG5A                   687,040
RV3ZN                  609,432
DL5KUD                 527,060
AB4SF                  497,448
UX1UX                  480,870
DK1IP                  471,072
EW1IP                  453,224

Errors of this magnitude are never good. We apologize to everyone who was affected.